Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jury Duty Phone Scam

Atlantic County Sheriff Frank X. Balles wants to make the public aware of a phone scam that started recently involving his office and the Atlantic County Criminal Courthouse in Mays Landing.
Atlantic County residents have recently received phone calls from a male, who identifies himself as a “sergeant from the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office,” according to Balles.
The subject tells possible victims they have outstanding warrants for not reporting to jury duty. They are told that if they do not pay the bail money, they will be arrested that day, Balles said.
“The caller provides a call back number that has no connection with my office.” said Balles in a statement. “He also leaves the correct address for the criminal complex in an attempt to enhance the credibility of the scam.”

The correct number for the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office is 609-909-7200, Balles said.
“If a person misses jury duty, they will receive notification via regular mail, and the Jury Management Division of the Criminal Court System will never make contact with potential jurors over the telephone,” Balles said.
People who receive this call or who know anyone who receives a call of this nature, are asked to call Officer Thomas Snyder directly at 609-909-7200. 

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