Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mullica/EHC Cemetery Theft Indictments

A woman accused of stealing more than 200 metal pipes and railings and marble statues and columns from cemeteries in Atlantic County will appear in court on May 2.
Blair Drinkhouse, 27, of Egg Harbor Township, will appear at 8:45 a.m. before Judge Donna Taylor.
She is charged with theft from grave sites of headstones or headstone markers as well as theft by unlawful taking, criminal mischief for grave tampering and conspiracy.

According to police, Drinkhouse and her cousin, Jonathan Ferris, 40, of Galloway Township, stole from cemeteries in Pleasantville, Galloway Township and the Egg Harbor City cemetery in Mullica Township. 
Ferris was already arraigned on the same charges earlier this month.
Ferris pleaded not guilty and will be represented in future proceedings by public defender Nellie Marquez.

Bruce A. Dooley, the manager of Elwood Antiques in Mullica Township, also was indicted earlier this month because he allegedly either knew or probably believed he received property stolen from the Egg Harbor City cemetery, according to the indictment.
Dooley pleaded not guilty and will be represented in future proceedings by attorney Frederick J. De Clement of Hammonton, according to court records.

Ferris and Dooley are scheduled to be back in court on May 30, according to court records.
Mullica Township police originally arrested Ferris, Drinkhouse and Dooley in September.
The stolen items were sold to Dooley, said police Capt. Brian Zeck of the Mullica Township Police Department last year. The metal poles could be hundreds of years old, but some of the items were new, Zeck said.

Zeck said more than 40 of the victims were in Mullica Township, but Meg Steeb, the Egg Harbor City secretary, said Monday that all the pieces did not belong to her cemetery.
The Egg Harbor City cemetery received its grave pieces back from the police after they were recovered.

Cemetery caretaker Wayne Mangold has been working diligently to put the stolen pieces back on their proper graves, especially now that the weather is warmer, Steeb said.

Ferris and Drinkhouse had come to see Dooley at least 30 times between July and September and brought a few times with them each time, said Dooley told The Press last year.
Dooley estimated last year that he paid about $4,000 for the cemetery items. He said he had dozens of people interested in buying pieces last summer, but he did not sell any of the individual pieces because he was waiting to acquire the entire collection.

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Mullica Found Dog

  Update -  Mongo is safely home with his family
Mullica Township Police Department
This young male rottweiler was found on Elwood Road near the Mullica Twp Recreation Fields around 3pm. He has an invisible fence collar on. If anyone knows who this dog belongs to please contact the Mullica Township Police department at 609-561-7600 or dispatch at 609-652-2037
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New Credit Score Rating System

The math behind your credit score is getting an overhaul, with changes big enough that they might alter the behavior of both cautious spenders as well as riskier borrowers.
Beyond determining whether someone gets approved for a credit card, a credit score can affect what interest rate and what spending limit are offered.
The new method is being implemented later this year by VantageScore, a company created by the credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. It's not as well-known as Fair Isaac Corp., whose FICO score is used for the vast majority of mortgages. But VantageScore handled 8 billion account applications last year, so if you applied for a credit card, that score was likely used to approve or deny you.
Here's what you need to know:

Paying down debt will help your score
Using what's known as trended data is the biggest change. The phrase means credit scores will take into account the trajectory of a borrower's debts on a month-to-month basis. So a person who is paying down debt is now likely to be scored better than a person who is making minimum monthly payments but has been slowly accumulating credit card debt.
People with high credit scores may be affected the most, since the goal of trended data is to see warning signs long before a borrower actually gets into serious trouble.
"When it comes to prime borrowers, you may not have bad behavior on your credit file, but a trajectory provides very powerful information," said Sarah Davies, senior vice president for research, analytics and product development at VantageScore.

The change also shakes up the maxim that had people keeping open accounts they'd opened long ago. An important metric in calculating credit scores has been the portion of their available credit people are actually using. A person with $5,000 in credit card debt with a $50,000 limit across several cards could score better than someone with $2,000 in debt on a $10,000 limit because of that ratio.

Excessive credit card limits will hurt your score
VantageScore will now mark a borrower negatively for having excessively large credit card limits, on the theory that the person could run up a high credit card debt quickly. Those who have prime credit scores may be hurt the most, since they are most likely to have multiple cards open. But those who like to play the credit card rewards program points game could be affected as well.

Civil judgments, medical debt and tax liens will no longer affect your score
Taking those items out of the equation comes after a 2015 agreement between the three credit bureaus and 31 state attorneys general. The argument was that civil judgments and tax liens —which can significantly hurt a person's credit score — were often full of errors. Medical debt was being reported on a person's credit report before there was time for insurance to reimburse.
People with those items on their credit reports now could see a bump of as much as 20 points. But it won't help much if they also have negative marks like delinquencies and debts that have gone to collection.

Mortgages won't be affected
The government-owned mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require a FICO score for eligibility. Because of their outsized influence on the market, few mortgage lenders use VantageScore
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NJ Teacher Salaries

Four of the 10 school districts with the highest median teacher salaries in New Jersey this year are in Atlantic and Cape May counties, according to data included in the Taxpayer Guide to Education Spending released last week by the state Department of Education.

 The four are Margate, ranked fourth at $91,045; Brigantine, fifth, at $89,900; Ocean City, seventh, at $89,036; and Atlantic City, 10th, at $88,318.

The highest median teacher salary in the state is in the Northern Valley Regional district in Bergen County, at $105,650. The lowest is at the Red Bank and Jersey City Global charter schools, at $42,000.

Mullica Township is at the lower end of the scale, with a median salary of $53,588. Superintendent Andrew Weber said they have a large number of nontenured staff, but he expects the median to increase next year due to a reduction in force of nontenured staff caused by budget cuts.

 Salary guides play a role in overall salaries. Mullica has a starting salary of just over $52,000.

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Mullica Committee Meeting Tonight 4/25

                                                  TOWNSHIP OF MULLICA
                                                    COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                          APRIL 25, 2017
                                                              7:00 P.M. 





APPROVAL OF MINUTES: 04 / 11 / 2017



FIRST READING: Ordinance #4-2017 / Amend Chapter 156 / Temporary Trailers




A.      Budget Discussion / Efficiencies
B.      Public Safety Hazard / Elwood Road
C.      Resolution #78-2017 / Confirm Land Sale / Block 6001, Lot 13 - Rabush /
         Block 6001, Lot 14 - Hacker


A.     Resolution #79-2017 / Approve Volunteer Fire Application / John Kline
B.     Resolution #80-2017 / Refund Taxes / Block 8905, Lot 4
                                                           (2014 Homestead Credit / 100% Disabled Vet)
C.     Resolution #81-2017 / Approve Land Sale Request / Block 11208, Lot 1
D.     Resolution #82-2017 / Approve Junkyard Renewal /  SJ Truck, Auto Salvage LLC
E.     Resolution #83-2017 / Appoint Part-time Laborer / Joel Conver
F.      Approve Tax Sale Certificate Assignment / Block 6001, Lot 7






Monday, April 24, 2017

Mullica Environmental Meeting Tonight

                                       Mullica Environmental Commission Meeting
                                                        April 24, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
                                                               (open to the public)

Operation Fallout

Meet Our Team Members on Four Legs!
First responders from across New Jersey gathered Friday at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for "Operation Fallout," an exercise meant to prepare the state's urban search and rescue task force and others for responding to a major terror attack.
Check out the full article here: http://www.nj.com/…/meet_the_nj_rescue_dogs_that_save_lives…

Cedar Creek Rowing Open House

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Operation Gotham Shield

If you are traveling to North Jersey or NY this week, you should be aware of the drills that are taking place.
JERSEY CITY -- Hudson County, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, FEMA and other entities will conduct a response drill to a nuclear explosion in the New York/New Jersey area, authorities said today.
The aim of the exercise, dubbed Gotham Shield, is "to expand the ability at local and national levels to coordinate an effect a large-scale response and recovery to an event like this," FEMA spokeswoman Lauren Lefebvre said this morning.
Lefebvre said that, in general, Gotham Shield will not involve the actual deployment of emergency response equipment and personnel.
It is to be a "notional" exercise in which emergency responders respond theoretically to an unfolding nuclear event scenario in which all levels of government are in communication and playing a role.
The drill is not a response to the recent tensions between the United States and North Korea, or any international incident, since it has been in the planning stages for a year, Lefebvre said.
Gotham Shield is to begin tomorrow and run through the week. It is believed that "ground zero" for the theoretical nuclear explosion is West New York.

On Tuesday, McCabe Ambulance, of Bayonne, will set up a casualty response center at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. At the center, some thousand imaginary victims of a nuclear incident will be triaged, decontaminated, treated for injuries including burns and transported, Mickey McCabe said this morning.
Ambulance response teams from across the state will respond to the stadium, as will helicopters and ambulance buses having the capacity to transport a total of about 400 patients. The EMS response center will operate form about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and during that time, inter-agency communications will be used and tested, McCabe said.
North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue has been coordinating with Palisades Medical Center in preparation for the exercise and will be working closely with the hospital during the drill.
The fire department will set up virtual decontamination tents and use other virtual resources at its disposal during drill mimicking detonation of a nuclear device, NHRFR Chief Frank Montagne said this morning.
"It's important to see our capabilities and see how far our operations go," the chief said, adding that "We are hopeful that it will never happen, but we have to be prepared."


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mullica Historical Society Gift Auction, Saturday 4/22



Museum hours are every Wednesday 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  For more information contact (609) 561-4034.

Old Time Gift Auction sponsored by Mullica in the Pines Society, Saturday, April 22nd. Doors open at 4:00 p.m.  Calling starts 7:00 p.m. – Mullica Township School Cafeteria – 500 Elwood Road.  Free Admission,  refreshments available, bring the family!  Contact Bobby 839-7348 or Cathy 965-2991.

Thanks to our local merchants and friends we have a great selection of gifts.  Plus Phillies tickets, Whale watching tickets, Dorney Park etc. Gifts for all ages. Gifts are on display in our museum, Hilda Frame School. Refreshments will be sold.

Thank you for all the people that came out to support us and all the new friends and supporters at the 2nd Annual Gift Auction Tonight !

Boat Safety Certificate

New Jersey State Police
Boating season is nearly here, but you can't find your Boating Safety Certificate. Fear not!
You can submit a request for replacement online! Go to www.njsp.org/marine-services and click the certificate link icon.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mullica Police Alert

Over the past few weeks several vehicles have been broken into in the Devonshire section of the Township. This is occurring during the night-time hours. Please be sure to lock your vehicles and immediately report any suspicious activity. Police Dispatch (609) 652-2037.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mullica REC Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers! Please help out if you are able.
Also, if someone is available this Friday night we have 3 baseball games and would love to be open!
Volunteers needed for the concession stand!
Thank you for your time!

Mullica Community Day Vendors Wanted

P.O. Box 317 ~ Elwood, NJ 08217
(609) 561-0064
(609) 561-3031 - fax
Mullica Township’s 13th Annual Community Day!

Date:                 Saturday, June 3rd
Time:                 10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Place:                Mullica Township Recreational Fields
                                             Elwood Road

Mullica Township would like to invite you to join in the Annual Community Celebration.  All organizations, vendors and individuals are all welcome to participate!  Spread the word!!!

Kindly fill out the Registration Form and return it to the Township Clerk’s Office if you are planning on attending.  This will help us in preparing the flyer and contacting you with updated information regarding the event.  If you have any questions, please contact the Township Clerk, Kimberly Johnson at (609) 561-0064.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Township of Mullica
Post Office Box 317
Elwood, NJ 08217
Phone (609) 561-7070   Fax (609) 561-3031

Thank you for your interest in Mullica Township’s Community Day!  Please fill out the below along with the Hold Harmless Agreement and return to the Municipal Clerks Office.


Applicant Name:                                                       Phone #:

Organization:                                                            Email:


Demo / Display you will be bringing: ___________________________________

Township of Mullica Indemnification Form
Participant shall indemnify, save harmless and defend the Municipality, its elected and appointed officials, its employees, agents, volunteers and others working on behalf of the Municipality, from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, attorney’s fees, damages or injury including death and/or property loss, expense claims or demands arising out of or caused or alleged to have been caused in any manner by or during this event, including all suits or actions of every kind or description brought against the Municipality, either individually or jointly with Participant for or on account of any damage or injury to any person or persons or property, caused or occasioned or alleged to have been caused by, or on account of, the participation in, or connection with this event, or through any negligence or alleged negligence  through any act, omission or fault or alleged act, omission or fault or alleged act, omission or fault of the Participant.

Name of Event/Activity:    Community Day 10am – 2pm

Date of Event:             June 3, 2017


Sworn and subscribed before me this  
________________ day of  _______ 2017.