Friday, April 07, 2017

Mullica Lip Sync Success

Wait again - WOWSA!!
I simply cannot thank all of my MTEA members enough for the AMAZING outpouring of volunteerism, camaraderie, and selflessness you displayed in making our Lip Synch Battle a MOST EPIC EVENT!!!
And a HUGE thank you to our Mullica students and parents and school community for absolutely packing the cafeteria tonight to watch us strut our stuff for our students.
I'm home and trying to make sense of it all - and the only common denominator I can find (I am not pandering to our math teachers!!) is the MOST GENEROUS SPIRIT and AMAZING SELFLESSNESS that our school staff displayed this evening at the Lip Synch Battle this evening.
And if our parents and students didn't show up - it would have been for naught.
Thank you.
Thank you.

For Staff for putting the "good of the order" - our scholarship awards for the Mullica kids who we have taught and supported - before your personal time, family time, kid time and whatever REALLY matters to you.
You are (to quote a VERY VERY VERY old Union phrase we once used around Mullica) SIMPLY THE BEST - BAR NONE!
I am so proud to call you my Union Brothers and Sisters...and equally humbled to represent you.
YOU are what makes our "little gem of a school" shine.
YOUR effort and dedication is unbridled.
For ONE TIME this old Union Dragonlady is left, simply, stunned at your caring and commitment.
When you could have just remained at home after a long workday - you schlepped your kids back to school for this event.
Thank you to all of the Staff who put themselves "out there" on the stage as "acts" or emcees.
Thank you to Brandi Ehrke for taking on the role of MTEA Scholarship Fundraising Chair.

Thanks to Sarah Vanderhayden for suggesting this event...if you never spoke up - it would never have happened.
Thanks to ALL Staff who supported in SO MANY ways - donating items, manning concessions, ticket selling, publicity, handling ticket sales, selling "raffles", and making suggestions to ensure that this event was KICK ASS!!
Thanks to our Custodians for cleaning up after this SRO event! I hope that we helped to make the cleanup a little "lighter".
And kudos to our students who volunteered time to help us in so many ways (in skits, backstage, and in the "little stuff") so that our night was successful.
You ALL make our Union strong and amazing.
Together we can make amazing things happen.
And parents - thank you...
Forgive me for being sentimental - but I really do love my community, and Union members. It is a privilege to represent my members - and a privilege to be part of our greater Mullica Community.

Barb Rheault
MTEA PResident
MUllica Mom

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