Sunday, December 18, 2016

Verizon Cell Antennas Coming To Mullica

Presentation: Verizon Wireless / Mr. William Flanagan:
Mr. Flanagan, Tilson Tech., Project Manager. Mr.
Flanagan explained Verizon Wireless is planning to install small cell antennas throughout the area. He
explained this is a statewide initiative for installation of low powered nodes to new or existing utility poles in
the public right of ways. This process is to enhance its network for 2017 and is seeking the municipality’s
consent to operate within the right of ways. Ms. Siebold stated she reviewed the Resolution proposed by
Verizon and is requesting minor modifications. Mayor Brown reported on many of the main roads there are
smaller poles near the utility poles which is not at all aesthetically pleasing. Mr. Flanagan stated he is working
for Verizon Wireless and will check with Verizon regarding the poles. He indicated the antennas will be placed
on the large Verizon poles. He stated the antennas are very well powered and the distance between each other
are about 500-1000 feet. He stated the primary purpose is for areas that lack coverage. Mr. Silva suggested the
antennas resemble the poles. Mr. Flanagan stated this installation should take place within the next year. Mr.
Flanagan stated he will research the smaller poles and report back to the Governing Body. Mr. Silva asked
what the proposed coverage will be. Mr. Flanagan stated the goal is 100%. Mr. Silva requested free services
for our Police Department and Public Works. Mr. Flanagan stated he can ask.
Mayor opened to the public. Mr. Paulsgraf asked how many nodes are to be installed. Mr. Flanagan stated at
this time they do not know, at the most a half of dozen. 

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