Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mullica Police Blotter 10/25 - 11/22

Department of Public Safety:
Mr. Silva reported the following stats from October 25-November 22: burglary
alarms 23, Chief notes there are not a lot of repeat offenders, but is researching it; assisting other agencies 6;
assistance from other agencies 33; bank bags 16; general complaints 11; disabled motor vehicles 8; domestics 7;
EMS calls 42; fire 6; firearm applications 23; mail transport 17; missing persons 4; motor vehicle accidents 16;
motor vehicle stops 158; property checks 349; sex offender registration 3; suspicious motor vehicle 13;
suspicious persons 6; traffic control 6; and warrant service 8. Mr. Silva reported on a resident who was recently
accosted in his driveway and acknowledged the Police Department on an outstanding job in apprehending the

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