Monday, December 05, 2016

Christie Signs 14 More Laws

Christie also signed a package of legislation designed to make New Jerseyans, according to his office, safer.
The measures include requirements for schools to conduct yearly security training alongside first responders (A-3349/S-2438) and that existing and any new school architectural plans include certain security measures (A-3348/S-2439). Additionally, A-1946/S-1257 expands domestic violence statutes to include cyber-harassment.

 “We must make every effort to ensure New Jersey citizens are safe and secure whether they are in their school buildings or online,” said Christie. “These new laws will require safety measures to be built into new school construction and all school personnel to be trained annually on safety and security. Additionally, I have signed a bill to address one of the fastest growing threats we face in the 21st century, cyber-harassment. This new law will help victims of domestic violence whose abusers choose to attack through the web and social media outlets.”
Christie also took action on the following legislation: see at

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