Monday, November 03, 2014

Elections - November 4, 2014

The weather will be mostly sunny with a high of 65 degrees.

                        Mullica Polling Locations
              Polls open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

W-1 Elwood Fire House,414 Elwood Road, Elwood
W-2 Nesco Fire House, 3521 Nesco Road, Nesco
W-3 Living Faith Chapel, 5200 WHP, Devonshire

United States Senator - Vote for one
A 1 - Cory Booker
B 1 - Jeff Bell
C 1 - Eugene Martin Lavergne
D 1 - Joseph Baratelli
E 1 - Antonio N. Sabas
F 1 - Jeff Boss
G1 - Hank Schroeder

House of Representatives - vote for one
A 2 - William J. Hughes, Jr.
B 2 - Frank A. LoBiondo
C 2 - Alexander H. Spano
D 2 - Costantino Rozzo
E 2 - Gary Stein
F 2 - Bayode Olabisi

Sheriff -vote for one
A 3 - Dennis Munoz
B 3 - Frank X. Balles 

Freeholders-at- Large - vote for two
A 4 - Barbara Rheault
A 5 - Steven Stokes
B 4 - John W. Risley, Jr.
B 5 - Alex Marino  
C 4 - Melissa Tomlinson

Mullica Township Committee -vote for one
A 6 - Jean Gallagher
B 6 - Christopher Silva

Photos and interviews at

GEHR School Board of Education - 3 year term
H 1 - William B. Cheatham

Mullica Township Board of Education - 3 yr. term
                                                                    vote for three
H 2 - Nick Roehnert
H 3 - Erika Lower
H 4 - Renee A. Goolden
H 5 - Walter J. Lyons
H 6 - Sue Muessig

We are honored to have 5 people on the ballot this year. Don't forget to look down at the bottom of the screen and vote for your three choices. To view photos and read interviews of the candidates,see the link below

Public Questions
You are asked to vote yes or no to the two public questions on the ballot.  For detailed information on the questions, see the link below.

Attention voters:
Familiarize yourselves with the sample ballot you received in the mail. You may bring this ballot along with you on election day. The reverse side of the sample ballot explains how to vote on the machine, correct mistakes, and cast a write in vote.

Contact the Township Clerk’s Office if you have questions pertaining to Voting (609) 561-0064


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