Friday, October 24, 2014

New NY & NJ Ebola Policy

In a major new state policy for New York and New Jersey, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie announced a mandatory quarantine for people returning to the U.S. through area airports who are deemed "high risk."

"We have informed the CDC of our intention and they have agreed that states have the right to establish their own guidelines" with regards to Ebola, Cuomo said.

A health care worker arriving from Africa who was placed in mandatory quarantine as part of a new policy by the governors of New York and New Jersey has developed a fever.

The state health department said the woman had no symptoms upon arrival at Newark Liberty Airport, but on Friday night she developed the fever and is now in isolation and being evaluated at University Hospital in Newark.

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Update - 10/25/14 Patient in above article tests negative


Anonymous said...

This is crazy! I read it cost over $500,000 to care for Duncan. Who's going to pay for 21 days of quarantine or treatment of foreigners? It can cost us over $25,000 just for a visit to the emergency room.
Government policies are going to totally destroy our care care system and nobody will be able to afford insurance premiums.
They should only allow US citizens back into the country.

Anonymous said...

If the US won't stop air travel from the affected countries, it should set up isolation clinics in those countries. Let the people who want to come here spend the 21 days under government supervision in those clinics even before they are allowed on a plane.