Sunday, July 30, 2017

Marijuana Has Chance To Be Legal In N.J.

When Gov. Chris Christie leaves office Jan. 16, he will take his unbending attitude toward legalizing marijuana with him.
Christie’s departure opens the door to expansion of the state’s current medicinal marijuana program, decriminalization or even a ballot initiative to have Atlantic City serve as a test case for legalization.

Most candidates running for governor this fall have a more tolerant view of marijuana than Christie.
Phil Murphy, the Democratic candidate, wants to legalize marijuana, so police can focus resources on violent crime.

Independent candidate Gina Genovese has called for a voter referendum. Libertarian Party candidate Pete Rohrman’s platform includes legalizing marijuana.
Even Kim Guadagno, Christie’s lieutenant governor and the Republican candidate, has separated herself from Christie on this issue — but she doesn’t believe in outright legalization of marijuana, either.
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Anonymous said...

it will be very interesting to see how the NJEA justifies throwing millions of dollars at the democratic candidate who wants to legalize marijuana.

Anonymous said...

I believe marijuana should be legalized. It could bring in massive amounts of tax money into NJ. The problem I have is I vowed never to vote for any democrat the rest of my life no matter who they are or what they stand for. I've seen the craziness of obstructionism, protests against free speech, what liberalism has done to our colleges, the stupidity of liberal judges and the massive lies being told by the main stream media. The Nov election will show a lot of people across the US feel like I do.