Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Big History Project

Congrats to Big History Project Enrichment Teacher, Mike Gerber, for being filmed for a segment of Classroom Closeup!
This is the third CCU episode featuring Mullica Township School Staff providing first-class educational programming to the students of Mullica. (check out Jeannine Ingenito's episode featuring her Life Skills Program & Bagel Express; and Barbara Rheault's "Cranbassador" Program).
Mullica Township Middle School is participating in The Big History Project, a world class, ready-for-the-classroom resource available to everyone, everywhere for free. The course spans 13.8 billion years of history and incorporates the insights of more than a dozen disciplines. By challenging students to look at the world from many different perspectives, teachers inspire a greater love of learning and understanding of how we got here, where we’re going, and how they fit in.
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Watch on NJTV 6/18/17, 9/17/17 or on www.classroomcloseup.org now: http://classroomcloseup.org/segments/big-history-project/

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