Friday, May 26, 2017

Mullica FEMA Maps

Presentation: Jay Sciullo, Township Engineer / FEMA Maps:
Mr. Sciullo reported in 2014 the Governing
Body amended Chapter 131, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to be in compliance with the NJ Department
of Environmental Protection Best Available Data. He stated in 2015 the City of New York submitted
information to FEMA and those changes will effect coastal regions. He stated FEMA is now requesting
communities to adopt the preliminary maps. Mr. Sciullo stated by adopting these maps and participating in the
program will assist homeowners in flood insurance costs, recovery monies and future grants. He reported in
Mullica there are 20 properties coming out of the flood hazard area and 47 going in, noting we are on the lower
end in the County. Mr. Sciullo stated if you do not have a mortgage you are not required to have flood
insurance, but stated we should encourage residents to maintain the coverage to keep the dwelling
grandfathered. He stated FEMA is requesting Committee’s consensus to adopt the maps. He further explained
the preliminary maps are currently be utilizing for construction regulations, but not for insurance purposes until
adopted. Mayor Brown entertained a motion to update the maps in compliance with the new standards; so
moved by Mr. Hagaman seconded by Mr. Walther. RCV: Yeas: All voted yes. 

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