Thursday, April 13, 2017

Atlantic County Tax Increase

Atlantic County residents could see a substantial increase in taxes this year.
In Atlantic City’s first budget address since the state took control of its finances, city and state officials announced the county would not be receiving the 13.5 percent of casino payments in lieu of property taxes promised last year before the legislation was passed.
Instead, the county will receive 10.4 percent of the annual so-called PILOT agreement.

 The move is a major blow to the county that ultimately will cost taxpayers $40 million to make up the difference over the 10-year lifespan of the bill, officials said.
The amount taxes will be increased countywide is yet to be determined. County Executive Dennis Levinson said it will range anywhere from 5 cents to 15 cents per $100 of equalized value. That could mean a county tax-rate increase between $100 and $300 for a $200,000 home.

 The decision led several mayors across the county to call Gov. Chris Christie a liar. Christie, who released a statement praising the tax decrease and reduced budget in Atlantic City, promised Levinson last year that the county would get the 13.5 percent.
“It’s in the legislation. It’s part of the bill,” Christie said during a news conference in April 2016. “Unlike dealing with (Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian), Denny knows that if I say it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen.”
But the 13.5 percent was not in the final PILOT legislation that was passed by state lawmakers.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile here in Mullica we also get a steep hike in local and in the school budget. Could be a 20 cent hike in worst case scenerio. Oh by the way, aren't we also facing a reval?
Only gets worse and worse with the Mayor complaining about taxes but doesnt make steep cuts and dips from very dwindling surplus while Mr Silva seems to be the only one who is actually giving suggestions. No hope or any help here.Some towns actually have had tax decrease or no increase but not in Mullica.
Christie lied to the County and Mayors when he promised 13% of the pilot funds. The County Executive had received a lot of praise from CC for his fiscally responsible budget . At the same time CC condemned Guardian and committee for the 1/2 billion hole they were in. So now the State rewards them with a 5% tax reduction for their residents and while the County asks/begs Guardian and the State for the promised amount its all on deaf ears.Christie is a lame duck so we are screwed except for the folks lucky enough to have the senior tax freeze in place. You must pay the tax, or move or go into foreclosure. Even if you own your home you dont really own it if taxes arent paid.

Anonymous said...

1:18 PM, What exactly would you do to reduce taxes in Mullica? What cuts would you make?

Anonymous said...

The Atlantic County should not be responsible for the mismanagement in Atlantic City. Why were the casinos given a tax decreases when they are making more money than ever in the history of Atlantic City? Who is behind giving them a tax decreases for a 10 years? Ten years with a huge tax decreases, where can I get that deal?

Anonymous said...

To 1;18pm post ,
I'd look at what the State is doing in AC but it wont happen here. Unions will fight as they are there but Mullica has no empty pockets for litigation.People are greedy and are only looking out for themselves=its a very human trait and a fact of life. But what Mayor can do is get his chronic absentee fellow party and also committee members meetings to get them off committee because the voters seem to be reelecting these people regardless. If they dont attend budget meetings to get info they frankly dont know what they're doing and I doubt they have meetings with the staff on their own. Really the root of it all is everyone knows taxes must be paid and that is a guaranteed source of revenue regardless who owns the property so its easier ti raise taxes and reval than deal with the employee unions and special interest groups.
Regarding PILOT program problems isn't our Mayor now the head of the Mayors association. Hopefully he'll try to support the County Exec in whatever they're planning if they are.
very pessimistic about the whole deal and it will only get worse regarding our taxes