Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mullica School Referendum - Vote Today

Unofficial results - The referendum has passed

232 yes and 183 no (415 total voters)
3 provisional and 8 VBM are left to count.

Mullica Township Education Association

The polls are OPEN from 3-8PM for the special school election and referendum.

Please support our school community and your vote to improve safety and the health/climate and much needed energy efficient improvements.

If you need a ride to the polls, please call or text (609) 513-2314 



March 14, 2017 – Special Election for school referendum.
                                      3 p.m. – 8 p.m. – School Library

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Mullica Township residents will vote on a bond referendum for renovations and improvements to the middle and elementary schools, including HVAC, parking and lighting. The total cost is $1.9 million with state funds covering $637,836.

Voters rejected that proposal in the November election, but approved almost $3 million in other repairs, including roofing, windows, electrical, masonry, sewer and wall reconstruction work at both schools. The state will pay $1.3 million of that work.

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Anonymous said...

It had to be fixed sooner or later and things don't get cheaper through out the years.