Friday, January 20, 2017

NJ Low Income Housing Ruling

TRENTON -- New Jersey has to build thousands more units for its low-income residents to make up for the 16 years that the state didn't address those needs, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

In a decision addressing New Jersey's long-stalled regulations governing affordable housing, the state's highest court said towns must take into consideration the need for housing that existed within their borders between 1999 and 2015. That's the so-called gap period when the Council on Affordable Housing failed to adopt new rules.

Because of the ruling, more than 200,000 housing units must either be built, rehabbed or converted for low- and moderate-income residents, Walsh said.
For some towns, that means their obligations may increase. For others, it means a potential decrease, he said. Walsh said staff will be working in the coming weeks to calculate how that affects each town still with outstanding obligations.

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According to this 2015 map, it appears Mullica's obligation would be between 75 to 200 units

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