Friday, November 18, 2016

Texas Bans Sharia Law

The city council of Irving, Texas, voted to support a bill that was passed by the Texas State legislature. The bill, which bans the observance of any law that is not U.S. law, was used to prevent the establishment of an “Islamic Tribunal” in the city.

The resolution, which passed by a 5-4 split, was strongly backed by the mayor Beth van Duyne. The fear of spreading “sharia law,” may have been the factor in the city council’s decision. But the mayor insisted that the resolution was not aimed at any particular group. She said that the bill made clear that the establishment of any foreign law in America would be unconstitutional.

The Muslim community denounced the resolution, calling it discriminatory. They pointed out that the so=called courts were voluntary and the decisions, which applied only to Muslims, were non-binding. They claimed that only family or business disputes, not criminal cases, would be heard.

Mayor van Duyne denied that her actions discriminated against Muslims.She was emphatic in her denial. In an interview on a local television show, “The Daily Blaze,” van Duyne said that she reached out to the Muslim community and asked for their support. She said that would be the way to show their allegiance to American values.”They not only did not support us, they protested,” she told the reporter.

The people of Irving, who believe that they have triumphed over Sharia Law, are encouraging the rest of the country to fight it, as well.

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