Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sweetwater VFC Santa Run 12/11

Sweetwater Fire Company STA 163 added 7 new photos.
The Men and Women of The Sweetwater Fire Company STA 163 is proud and excited. To report that chief G.Franklin had received a phone call last night from the BIG MAN him self Saint Nick. With that said the chief called an officer meeting today for 12:30. All line officers and executive officers were in attendance. We are going to have our Santa run in Sweetwater on Sunday December 11,2016. We have decided to keep our tradition going. CAPT Scarpato is going to be giving up his rank of CAPT to Aiden for the Santa run again this year. This year the Santa run is for EVERYONE fighting and who has fought cancer and to ALL the family's that are affected by it. Thank you and may all your wishes come true. GOD BLESS #NoOneFightsAlone

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