Sunday, November 13, 2016

Portland Arrests Protesters

The Portland Police Bureau that the arrest total from Saturday night’s protest in the downtown area reached 71 people.
That number dwarfs the arrest totals from previous nights of protests and seems to indicate a change in operations with the police in terms of dealing with the protests that have been ongoing since the election of Donald Trump.
Officers said most of the arrests happened after crowds failed to obey many orders to clear the streets downtown. Officers also cited a number of arrests were tied to instances of protesters throwing projectiles at police, including bottles and lit road flares.

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The violent protests that took place in scattered cities did not spring from the residents of those communities, but were part of an organized effort, according to a revelation one CNN reporter let slip.
CNN reporter Jean Casarez was reporting about the unrest Wednesday when she reported these demonstrations were part of a plan.

 “This was promoted by Socialist Advantage and one of the things they said the purpose of this rally was … to not only protest the election of Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States but also to protest that the Democratic party had let them down,” she reported.

 Victoria Taft, writing at Independent Journal Review, noted that a group called “Socialist Alternative,” often referred to on social media as “Socialist Advantage,” was behind the protests.
She further noted that Socialist Alternative is the name of the Socialist Party’s social media arm.

The group’s website explains that “those who have been radicalized in the past period must redouble their efforts,” praising the Black Lives Matter movement for its “potential.” It also explained how only “socialist policies” can save America.
“A wave of demonstrations is being organized across the country to fight back against Trump. These protests must be the beginning of coordinated nationwide mobilizations to organize millions into a massive grassroots movement,” proclaimed Socialist Alternative’s Facebook page.
Although the protesters in the street have encountered little in the way of counter-protests, it was not so on Socialist Alternative’s Facebook page, where some criticized the group’s actions.
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Other groups involved in funding protests

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