Thursday, November 10, 2016

How the Electoral College Works


Anonymous said...

So, if I understand this right, an elector has pledged a vote for the state majority winner but is under no legal requirement to give that vote to Trump if he won a state. That means that if electors so choose, they can still declare Clinton the President in December. Somebody please tell me this line of reasoning this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, during this crazy election year,anything might be possible. Clinton needs 38 electoral votes to reach 270. Take them from Trump, that leaves him with 269. Give her Florida-29 votes and Wisconsin 10 votes and she has it. Big money can buy anything. Sanders bought a new $600.000 house & was seen driving a brand new expensive car after he flipped & supported her.
If that ever happened, these protests you see going on will look like a firecracker compared to a nuclear bomb.
That's when Obama declares Martial Law and we are all screwed.
These next 2 months until the inauguration are going to be a wild ride.

I just don't buy how gracious Obama & Clinton are being. Pictures today of her out on a hike with Bill, smiling like nothing was wrong, when in reality her lifelong dream just got crushed & their Foundation is being investigated by 4 offices across the country. No, something stinks
I hope I'm wrong