Sunday, November 06, 2016

Barbara Rheault For Mullica Twp. Committee

My GOTV Weekend has come to a close. The weather was beautiful and I had the opportunity to meet many Mullica residents at the Transfer Station. Politicking at "The Dump" is an age-old Mullica tradition. Over multiple conversations, here were the common messages that I heard:

 People come first, not politics.

 When we stand together, we are better. It shouldn't matter whether you are a "BLUE D" or a "RED R"...we are all in this life together as "Mullicans".

 Our township stands out from our neighboring communities because of our rural nature and rich cultural heritage. We have many unsung men and women who have contributed to making Mullica Township a wonderful community in which to live and raise children, and even in which to grow old and retire.

 I heard many concerns from our residents. They are all valid, with merit, and deserve discussion and consideration amongst our elected officials.

 With your support on Tuesday, I hope to return to Township Committee and advocate for all our resident "Mullicans"

 I am dedicated to helping those who need assistance, removing obstacles that make life difficult, and providing a voice that will ask questions and seek out answers. We need to ensure that residents are treated fairly and with respect.

 Please vote on Tuesday.

 Don't take the future for granted.

 Consider voting from the BOTTOM of the ballot ON UP - the biggest FIRST impact you have is right here in Mullica (or in your own local municipalities). Select Board of Education Members and Township Committee people who are dedicated to making your community great.

 Then look "up Ballot" and make your decisions to elect the candidates for higher office.

 Thank you to those who have supported me in the past. I ask all Mullica residents to please support my efforts to return to Mullica Township Committee and continue to serve our Township.

Barbara Rheault, candidate for Mullica Township Committee 

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