Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bail Scam Alert

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Troopers from the Woodbine Station have been advised of a plot to deceive citizens into providing financial assistance to family members in need of bail money.
An unknown individual contacted a resident who stated they were from the Woodbine State Police and that they had locked up their relative who needed money for bail. The scammer actually put someone else on the phone who quickly pretended to be the relative pleading for a bail out. The caller then stated they could be bailed out over the phone.
Please know that neither the New Jersey State Police, nor any other police agency would ever accept money over the phone. In certain cases, we may call someone to let them know a relative was arrested, but never would we ask for bail. In a legitimate case, you would be given directions on how to pay bail at the municipal court, county jail, or by going directly to the local police department.
Although some municipal police departments will collect money for bail, they will never do so by phone. If ever unsure, ask for a phone number and say you will call them back. You will know pretty quickly if it is a scam or not. Whenever in doubt, please call the station directly.

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