Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kelly Implicates Christie in Bridgegate

NEWARK – In an emotional day of testimony, Bridget Anne Kelly refuted the charges against her in the Bridgegate scandal, telling a jury she told Gov. Chris Christie in advance about the plan to close toll lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013, and had gotten his approval for what she thought was a legitimate traffic study.
She denied ever having any knowledge of the bizarre scheme of political retaliation alleged by federal prosecutors.
And she asserted that other higher-ups in the governor's inner circle were all well-aware of what was going on in Fort Lee, long before it played out, and that no one seemed that concerned about it.
"It just wasn't a big deal," she said.
Kelly described working for a mercurial governor with a quick temper that also left her "gun shy."
At the same time, the author of the now-infamous message "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" called what has long appeared to be the smoking gun in the case an innocent response to what she called a "crazy plan" by David Wildstein, the admitted mastermind of the lane shutdowns.
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