Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stockton College Negotiating To Buy A Casino

Richard Stockton College is negotiating to buy one of two shuttered Boardwalk casinos to create a new campus in Atlantic City for 10,000 students, Mayor Don Guardian disclosed Wednesday.

Speaking at an economic forum in Burlington County, Guardian said Stockton is looking at the former Atlantic Club and Showboat casino hotels as part of expansion plans outside the college’s main campus in Galloway Township.
“They were looking for a new campus for 10,000 students, and we were able to convince them that Atlantic City is the location,” Guardian said. “So in the next couple of weeks, you’ll see they’re either going to end up with the Atlantic Club, which means all the property in that section of town will become the college district, or they’re going to end up with Showboat, in which case the Southeast Inlet is going to become a district. They’re looking at 10,000 students, four undergraduate schools, four graduate schools.” 

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